Days OnSite

The best CRA app to keep track of your monitoring visits, research sites and study protocols. Created and maintained by an indie developer who is also a CRA on the field.

Your Visits in One Place

Keep track of your visits in one place. Create recurrent visits all at once.

Visit Details at a Glance

Is the visit confirmed? Is it a half or full-day visit? Did you send the report? Keep all the details at hand.

Scheduling at Ease

Plan your visits schedule from pre-study to close out and stay on top of your days on site. View a comprehensive list of previous and next visits for all your sites.

Never Miss a Deadline

Stay on top of deadlines and due dates. Based on your own metrics, you will know when a letter or report is due. Check your pending tasks with a list of pending confirmation and follow up letters as well as reports to be submitted.

Conquering Time Zones

Your sites are in different time zones? We’ve got you covered. Current time at site is displayed.

Sites in One Place

All your sites information in one place. Same site different study protocols? Fear not. View the list of protocols each site is participating in.

Apple Maps Integration

What is the fastest way to get to your site? Any restaurants nearby? Days OnSite is fully integrated with Apple Maps.

Work-related Contacts

All your work-related contacts are in a new group separated from the rest. Days OnSite is fully integrated with your Contacts.

Reaching Monthly Metrics

Days OnSite displays how many days on site you are scheduling every month. Find out if you are over or under-booked for your next months and take actions accordingly.

Be Part of the Future

You have a voice on new features and updates. Be part of the development and play a key role in bringing the features that you want to the app. Find out more in the Learn More section.

Support a Fellow Colleague

Created and maintained by an indie developer who is also a CRA on the field. An app built by a CRA for CRAs all over the world.

Your Information is Yours

We respect your privacy. We do not access your data and never will. Find more in our Privacy Policy.